Sunday, June 8, 2008

Who am I - Punkin

Here I iz in all my glori! I iz about 13 yearz old an have 7 toez on my front pawz and 5 on da back onez.

My silli Mom makes these fuzzi thingz wid the pointi stiks, as u see I am not happi about modeling dis one efen tho Skeexiz wuld luv it becuz it iz pink!

I was thrown away when I was a year old, I don't remembr my kitti-mom or my furst fambli, but dar must of been one cuz I wazn't too afraid of humanz.
I tried to survive outside but I couldn't get enough to eat, I was skinni and my fur was kinki from malnutrishun. I found a nice porch to hide from the rain, the ladi tried to make me go away but I kept coming back cuz I culd see kittiz in da windo an I wanted tu be in wid dem!

After a while the ladi gave up an she fed me some crunchiez... you could hear me purr for a mile, she didn't tri to pet me or nutin cuz I was a little skard. She kept feeding me and trying to touch me, one day she scratched my chin and I liked it! She would sit with me out on the porch and talk to me and pet me, I wuld purr wid all my mite. One day I let her pick me up and cuddle me, after that I waited for her to cuddle me not jist feed me. One day she picked me up and stuckd me in a plastic box, I wint to the Vet and got my tests and "tudered". Now I live inside, I get jelious when the other two kittiez get petted and cuddled. I try to crowd in and the other kittiez don't like that, I don't care, I jist want to sit on da Mom. She callz me her velcro kitti! My udder nickname is Saskwasch cus wid my extra toez I haf thumbz!

I am alwaz waitin by da door in da morning cuz I luv brekfast, I getz a whole half a can of Stinky Goodnez! The udder tu haz tu share da udder half, I luv da new flavorz like the Tuscany and Florinteen chickhen!

I gotta go lay on my Momz feetz now, datz my job and I do it well!!



Skeezy said...

I LOVE IT! Vary kyoot!

Cecilia, The 2Bs & Madness said...

Oh, you are so cute and we love your name.

Team Tabby said...

Oh, dat's a nice mancat picture, Punkin - I'm ignorin da pink fuzzy stuff, tho. I'm an orange boy too.