Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Job

Sum kittyz haf jobz tu do. I, Punkin, iz one of them. I am an offisal toe warmer. I keep da Momz toez warm. If I kin get her tu stick da big one in my ear an scratch...that iz all da reward I needz!

Furst ya gotta ask...

Then comez da ear skritch...

A liddle chin action...

Sigh...I luv my job!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Red sun at night???

Da Mom won't let Smudgie out and da swampcooleringthing smellz stinky cuz of all the firez burining near here. This iz what da sun lookz like at 6 oh clock tonite. The sun got redder az it waz kinda preety in a stinky way! We hope no kittiez haf their houze ketch fire tho.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting into da spirit...

Mom got us r outfitz for Gree and Othelloz wedding! Efen shy Pandi wantz tu go!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday Sunbath

This iz my faforite place in the back yard tu take a nap. The sidewalk iz warm an the tree shadez it. (Pardon da un-lady like pose.) You can see my purple harnez and long, long leash.

It makez me want to sing about how nice it iz outside.

It iz a good place tu hide under the Or-agon-o flowerz an spy on da burdiez in da tree!

Oopz, I think that nap iz comin on now!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I iz back! iz quiet here now. Da Mom iz asleep and so iz da other kittiez, this iz my time.

My name iz Mr. Pandamonium, sumtimez Mom callz me Little Man but mostly I getz called Pandi.

I been wid da Mom fur a long time now. I got left by my furst fambily at a place where metalmonzterz stop tu rest. It waz very noizy and there waz woofiez that woofed at me. I hid in da bushz all da time.

Da Mom and her manfriend saw me there an waz worried fur me, they left me crunchiez when they left an I saw kittiez in da back windo as they drove away. I wanted tu go wid them but I waz tu skeerd tu come out of da bush.

A few dayz later they came bak and put sum tuna in a box fur me! I waz skeerd tu come out but I waz so hungri I couldn't stop myself! The door went shutz and I cried and cried all da way tu my new home.

At furst I jist lived wid da Mom and Smudgie, we waz like brofur and sisfur playin all da time. Then one day Mom brot da Punkin in and he chased me and I don't like it. So I getz jumpy wen people or soundz I don't know are near me. I hide. I am not a fradi-cat like Punkin sayz, I iz jist hi-strungz!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More on Snugglez.

Sumetimez there iz an exceptshon tu da rule.

So it iz wid the snugglin. We haz a windo hammok in da Momz office, Mizmudgie uzualy claimz it az her own- but sumtimez one uf us boyz getz it furst an Smudgie figurez if she crowdz in we will leve, but no....we refuzes!! Then we haz tu do a bit of cheek tu cheek sharin of da hammok.

You can see da stubborn on Pandi's face, he ain't budgin! These unwillin snugglez r few an far betweenz, da Mom waz lucki tu get it on da flashi-box.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Snugglez...or lack there of.

Punkin here....

We was look on Dragonhearts blog and there waz a kyoot pichur of he an Merlin snugglin in the cup of their cat tree. Thar izn't much of dat going on here. Befur I became an indoor kitti and it waz jist Smudgie an Pandi, they snuggled all da time. Da Mom sayz I upset da balance and now they hardli snuggle at all.

There is on time of year da we set aside u diffrencez and share 1 blankee, thatz da winter time! It getz cold in da houze, speshalli at nite, so da Mom leves dis eletric blankee on da couch all day an nite! She leavez it on settin #2 so it iz jist warm and setz it up so we can all find a spot widout touchin.

U can see me an Mizmudgie were snoozin on each end wid a pillo under the blankee as a buffer but Pandi wanted on so he iz gonna lay on dat pillow in da middle. This iz sungglin We3Katz style!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Who am I - Smudgie

Well!! It iz about time!! How dare u do me last you rumpld ball of furz!!!
I am da Queen of dis house an don't u furget it! Remind me tu give u a good whappin when we iz done!

(sure...I remind u...NOT! I may be rumpld but I ain't stupid!!)

I iz the furst kitty the Mom ever haz, the Mom callz me Miz Smudgie, Mizmudgie or Mudgiecat, sumtimes seh callz me Baby Gurl. I iz her baby, efen tho I iz a delicat 15 poundz baby gurl.
I waz born in da wood box at her friendz house and he gave me tu her. When I waz youngr, me an Pandi r 11 yearz old, me an Mom use tu go in a big metelmonster house to da ocean wid her friend an my borfur L.B. We would ware r harnessz an leashz an walk around the beach an stuff.

Now I live wid da boyz, (an my Mom) da boyz are a pain in my furri butt! They sleep in MY windo hammok, da finish MY Stinky Goodness rite off my plate efen tho I iz not dun wid it!

Wurst of all they think my Mom iz there Mom tu!! They r alwayz sittin on her and luvin on her when she belongz tu me!!! Sumtimez when I am on her gettin my skritches an luv they sneek up an try tu crowd in...I hiss at dem good!!

Since I know how tu behave on a leash, I getz to go outside! I luv the outside! Well, not when it iz raining, or windi or tu hot, but I can go outside and da boyz can't! Ha Ha on da boyz! I have a long, long leash the reaches all over da backyard so I can sitz in da sun or hidez in da flowrz. Sumtimez Mom leaves me out fur 2 or 3 hourz, she efen furgotz me once, but thatz anudder stori.

Ok, it iz time tu nap on da bed, that way I get tu sleep wid the Mom an da boyz don't!

(Oh pleeze...she tosses ur furri butt out of the sleep room tu (most of da time.)

There, now u know all 3 of us. Now letz see if da Mom letz us use the 'pooter enuff to blog regularli.


Who am I - Pandi


"I don't wanna"

"What u mean...I don't wanna?"

"They mite see me!"

"Who? The interwebz? They can't see u."

"Im skeerd"

"Big suprize thar, ur alwaz skard, u jump when u seez ur shado" Lissen...u ether tellz ur stori or I all it will say iz Pandi iz a skerridy baby cat!"

"I iz NOT a skeeridy baby!! I iz carful, quiet, like a jungle kitti on da prowl..."



Heh...told u so. Pandi will return tu tell hiz stori anofer time.

This iz Punkin signin off.

Who am I - Punkin

Here I iz in all my glori! I iz about 13 yearz old an have 7 toez on my front pawz and 5 on da back onez.

My silli Mom makes these fuzzi thingz wid the pointi stiks, as u see I am not happi about modeling dis one efen tho Skeexiz wuld luv it becuz it iz pink!

I was thrown away when I was a year old, I don't remembr my kitti-mom or my furst fambli, but dar must of been one cuz I wazn't too afraid of humanz.
I tried to survive outside but I couldn't get enough to eat, I was skinni and my fur was kinki from malnutrishun. I found a nice porch to hide from the rain, the ladi tried to make me go away but I kept coming back cuz I culd see kittiz in da windo an I wanted tu be in wid dem!

After a while the ladi gave up an she fed me some crunchiez... you could hear me purr for a mile, she didn't tri to pet me or nutin cuz I was a little skard. She kept feeding me and trying to touch me, one day she scratched my chin and I liked it! She would sit with me out on the porch and talk to me and pet me, I wuld purr wid all my mite. One day I let her pick me up and cuddle me, after that I waited for her to cuddle me not jist feed me. One day she picked me up and stuckd me in a plastic box, I wint to the Vet and got my tests and "tudered". Now I live inside, I get jelious when the other two kittiez get petted and cuddled. I try to crowd in and the other kittiez don't like that, I don't care, I jist want to sit on da Mom. She callz me her velcro kitti! My udder nickname is Saskwasch cus wid my extra toez I haf thumbz!

I am alwaz waitin by da door in da morning cuz I luv brekfast, I getz a whole half a can of Stinky Goodnez! The udder tu haz tu share da udder half, I luv da new flavorz like the Tuscany and Florinteen chickhen!

I gotta go lay on my Momz feetz now, datz my job and I do it well!!


Friday, June 6, 2008

Datz bedder.

Now my pichur iz on da hedder.

I iz Punkin, diz blog iz my idea. I get to do most da blogging cuz I haf the most toes so I can type da bestest.

We haz been on the interwebz fur a long time, the furst blog we ever saw was Timothy Dickens, from der we dizcoverd Max at da Psychokitty Speaks Out and William of Mass Destruction. Lately we have made Skeezix r faforite spot tu stop efery day.
The Mom doezn't leave da 'pooter on efery day so we mite not post lotz, but we stop in at a dozen or so blogs efery day so we will try tu say HI! tu efery kitty we can.

I will tell you my stori tomorro and da otherz can tell you der storiz fur demselfs.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our Blog

Dis iz our blog! Mom can't post her pitchurs or nutin on this blog! Hrumph....she aint even gotz my pichur on the header yet. Come on Mom...get wid the programz!