Friday, June 6, 2008

Datz bedder.

Now my pichur iz on da hedder.

I iz Punkin, diz blog iz my idea. I get to do most da blogging cuz I haf the most toes so I can type da bestest.

We haz been on the interwebz fur a long time, the furst blog we ever saw was Timothy Dickens, from der we dizcoverd Max at da Psychokitty Speaks Out and William of Mass Destruction. Lately we have made Skeezix r faforite spot tu stop efery day.
The Mom doezn't leave da 'pooter on efery day so we mite not post lotz, but we stop in at a dozen or so blogs efery day so we will try tu say HI! tu efery kitty we can.

I will tell you my stori tomorro and da otherz can tell you der storiz fur demselfs.


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