Sunday, September 14, 2008

Easy like Sunday Mornin

We3Katz haf 2 cattreez, one in da office (Pandi likez tu hide there) an one in da livinroom. I like tu hang out on top of the box in da livinroom an watch life pass by. It iz a good place tu spend a Sunday mornin!


GRRRETA said...

What a great picture. You look so handsome! My favorite place is the top of my cat tree too. We have two identical cat trees side by side in the same window, but whichever one I am in, my brother insists on using the same one. Mom says he just loves to be near me, but gosh, this kitty needs a little less togetherness.

Mickey said...

You look mighty comfy up there too,Punkin :) I need to work on Mom so I can have a cat tree ;)
Purrs Mickey